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Serenys Omega Chapter

Departed Sisters

Serenys (Serenus) comes from the Latin translation of the word "Serenity". Serenity, as we know, means tranquility and peacefulness, which relates to what we believe “Heaven” to be. Once a sister has passed away, we assume that she has found "heaven", or in other words, she has found “serenity”. Nonetheless, the meaning of “omega” refers to “the end”, and once we combine these two words, “Serenys Omega”; it gives the implication of a peaceful ending.

Strength surpasses life, a mermaids life surpasses strength. She is the reality to the myth. A pillar of hope, love and tenacity not to fear the end for the end does not exist. As she swims ashore she carries the beacon of light to her new beginning. The light of faith that we shall meet again. The black seas and white sands are behind her now. For she has been called home.


MANRIQUE, ERIKA, of Secaucus, was born on December 19, 1975 and died on Thursday March 11, 2004. Daughter of Janet (Monzon) and Eduardo Manrique, Sister of Edward and Lazarus Manrique, Niece of Joseph Morale. Erika joined Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc. at Quint Epsilon Chapter.


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